What new real estate agents must know

Young real estate agents

It’s exciting to start a new career and it’s a great time to be a real estate agent! You’ve trained and gotten your license and now it’s time to get down to business. These tips for new real estate agents are really keys to your long-term success.

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Service comes first

What sets agents apart from FSBO and MLS sites is service. Listen (you know, two ears and one mouth), work well with others, work hard, be available, be timely, be trustworthy, be kind, and be knowledgeable. Outstanding service keeps clients coming back and telling their friends about you.

Be a boy scout

Be prepared (do your homework on your client’s property or those they’re looking to buy), plan for safety and make yourself a survival kit (because stuff happens).

Work on your pipeline

Deals fall through. People change their minds. Don’t stop once you get a client. Keep working to increase your sphere and call on leads.


Get a great first commission? Don’t blow it all at once. Put money away to cover your taxes, insurance, licensure fees and other costs of doing business. If you save as you go, you’ll be prepared when the bills come.

Be self-motivated

No one is going to force you to call on leads or be active on your social media. If you are your own “boss”, then you have to motivate yourself. This still applies at team-oriented brokerages.

Find balance

New real estate agents can get sucked into a 24/7 work life. Don’t. Take time off for yourself! Whether it’s a whole day or chunks of a day (during the busy season), take time for you. You’ll soon learn what days are best to be off and what times of day are good to get in a spin class.

Learn from the best

Stay in training, listen to podcasts and get yourself a mentor. Look at the habits of successful agents and implement what works.

Try new things

New real estate agents think they can’t try new things. Just because others aren’t trying it (or haven’t thought of it) doesn’t mean you can’t. Just make sure you’re not abandoning good brokerage methods while you SnapChat your way to real estate success.


Real estate done right isn’t a side gig. It’s a business. A full-time business. If you work like no one else will, you will succeed like no one else will.

Know your neighborhood

Get to know the community you’re in or covering. What are the good schools? What are the amenities? Who built those homes? What’s the HOA situation?

Be organized

New real estate agents often look discombobulated. Have your stuff together before you meet with a client. Familiarize yourself with different kinds of lockboxes. Know where you’re going when you take buyers to see homes.

Know your technology

Get to know your CRM, your new tablet/computer, your phone apps. Don’t be fumbling around figuring out stuff while your client is waiting. It’s a newbie dead giveaway.

Be confident and positive

Believe in your training and your passion to help people. Practice with some friends and get some role play in. You’re going to do great! One caveat – if you don’t know something, admit it. Just tell them, “That’s a great question! Let me find out and get back to you on that.”

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